Workshops & Classes

Mindfulness workshops and classes have been developed with the student in mind.

Professional Development for educators

Full and half-day workshops focusing on developing a personal mindfulness practice, as well as skills and training on how to take mindfulness into the classroom.

Topics Include:

  • Developing/Enhancing Your Own Personal Mindfulness Practice

  • Classroom Management and Energy (Creating a Mindful “Container”)

  • Incorporating Mindfulness Into Your Classroom

  • Creating a Mindful Workplace

Professional Development for students

Full and half-day combination of large group assemblies and smaller, personalized breakout sessions to apply mindfulness into our daily lives.

Topics include:

  • Managing Stress

  • Coping Skills for Fear and Anxiety

  • Time Management

  • Gratitude & Happiness

  • Developing a Lifelong Mindfulness Practice

Recent Workshops

Mindfulness & Stress Reduction for adults and students

The Yoga Loft of Marblehead

February 26 - March 26